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DNS Host-N-Post Specification

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Table of Contents


The All Web Leads program has offered affiliates the opportunity to either direct traffic to our website or post insurance lead data directly into our system. We are now offering a new "DNS redirected Host-N-Post" service which allows our affiliate partners to transparently redirect consumers to All Web Lead hosted quote forms, without transitioning from the partners domain. This document will describe the steps necessary for affiliates to begin posting to an All Web Leads hosted quote form via use of a sub-domain.

High Level Illustration

How does DNS Host and post work?

A partner hosting a landing page, ie: passes the consumer to a sub-domain of the form
The partner configures their DNS to point their subdomain to a CNAME owned by All Web Leads that contains the consumer quote form. Parameters are passed as part of the process, allowing the retaining of consumer information such as zip code. The partner's logo and CSS can also be retained on the quote form by using specifications below, providing the consumer a seamless experience.

Partner Side Implementation - Requirements

The following tasks must be complete to implement DNS Host-N-Post. Please contact your affiliate manager to coordinate implementation of these tasks. You must be an authorized affiliate prior to implementation or the solution below will be non-functional.

Step 1: Domain Pre-Requisites

For this process to work, you must meet the following pre-requisites:

  1. Ownership of a root DNS domain (e.g.
  2. Access to your domain's DNS Control Panel and the ability to create a new DNS CNAME record
  3. No existing CNAME record (sub-domain) with the name "quote" (e.g. must be currently unused)
  4. The ability to redirect your website to a specified URL upon Landing Page submit
titleAWL Sub-Domain

At this time, "quote" is the only sub-domain supported by AWL's Host-N-Post Quote Forms

Step 2: DNS Configuration

You must create a new DNS CNAME record for your root domain, matching the name of AWL's required sub-domain: quote.

The new CNAME record's value effectively aliases the quote sub-domain on your domain to servers hosting AWL's Quote Form platform.

New C-Name Record


  • is only used for defining partner CNAME records
  • is not the address of a valid AWL website, and cannot be accessed via a browser

Step 3: Zip Submit (Landing page to quote form transition)


Due to the nature of certificates, using the https (secure) protocol is NOT supported. All landing page links must be http.

The partner Landing Page (e.g,, etc.) must be configured to target the following AWL URL:

Code Block<quote-type>&refID=<ref-id>&refCampaign=<ref-campaign>&kw=<keyword>{noformat}

Note that since the partner owns the domain, SSL is not supported on AWL servers when DNS Host-N-Post is in effect.

Query String Parameter





Identifies the Quote Form to display. See below for supported values.



Affiliate tracking code, provided by All Web Leads identifying you as an affiliate.
This should not be changed from the refID provided under any circumstances.



Internal tracking where you pass source ID.
Max Length: 50 characters (longer values may be truncated).



Affiliate tracking, can be used for sub-source identification and reporting.
Max Length: 60 characters (longer values may be truncated).

Supported quoteType parameters:

quoteType Param

Lead Type

Example Link



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY


Long Term Care

No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY



No Format<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY

Note that AWL Quote Forms also support additional optional query string parameters that may be used to pre-populate data on the form. For more info, contact your Affiliate Manager and reference:

Step 4: Provide the affiliate manager partner logo, CSS templates

The logo will be implemented on the quote form.
The style will be implemented on the quote form.

Although not necessary, these items will facilitate a seamless consumer experience and improve conversion.

Step 5: Testing

The following guidelines must be followed.

  1. Use the name first_name = John last_name = Doe (anything else is sold as a lead in our production system and will impact quality)
  2. Note that these leads will not convert (they'll be filtered), but you will get the confirmation page. As such, the online admin affiliate report will not indicate a conversion, but will register a click for Auto.
  3. Please make sure to clear cookies after every submit. Duplicate cookie checking is still live.Your Contact Page