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All Web Leads, Inc.
7300 FM 2222
Bldg 2 Ste 100
Austin, TX 78730
Office: 888-522-7355

J.R. Attick
Vice President, Sales
Office: 512-279-3115 
Mobile: 512-826-1420 

Kenneth Armond Patrick Jean
Stephen Connolly
Software Engineer

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New version of document specific to V1.5 API



Updated schema since new fields were added. Updated carrier name list.



Added TcpaCompliant element under LeadMetaData node.



Added Dynamic Calls Ping Response section with schema and sample rejection responses.


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This document details the set of technical requirements expected to be met by any potential Data Partner interested in purchasing leads from All Web Leads, Inc. (referred to hereafter as AWL).


Protocol Requirements

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AWL requires Data Partners to provide access to an HTTP-based web service that allows AWL to transmit lead data.
AWL systems can support web services supporting secure HTTP POST.

Security Requirements

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AWL imposes at basic set of security requirements upon all Data Partners that receive complete Lead Data from AWL. These security requirements are intended to provide identity and personal information privacy for all end-consumer contacts contained within any lead. These security requirements are also intended to provide basic liability protections for AWL as well as its Data Partners.


Quality of Service Requirements

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Reliability and Availability Requirements


Performance Requirements

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Web Service Latency

AWL records and closely monitors the latency, in seconds, of every post to a Data Partner web service. AWL requires that all Data Partner web services respond with either a success or failure result in the shortest amount of time possible.


Result Code and Acknowledgement Requirements

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AWL requests that any Data Partner web service implementation supports returning a rich set of result codes to communicate as much information as possible.


Versioning Requirements

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AWL expects all Data Partner web services to be versioned in an appropriate manner allowing for reliable interoperability. This means that any changes to the Data Partner web service should be coordinated with the AWL technical team. AWL is happy to assist in any way, and to perform the necessary testing to ensure that any upgraded web service will result in the least amount of service disruption as possible (see Testing Requirements).

Testing Requirements

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To ensure a smooth and successful integration, AWL highly recommends that Data Partner web services provide a means by which testing can be performed prior to any production-level integration deployment.


Reporting Requirements

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To ensure accurate results, AWL recommends that all Data Partners provide a web-based user interface by which AWL personnel may log in and receive basic reports regarding the status of leads successfully posted to the Data Partner web service.