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Agent Affiliate Specification

All Web Leads, Inc. Partner Contact Information

Company Address: Business Contact: Technical Contacts:
All Web Leads, Inc.
7801 Capital of Texas Highway
Suite 220
Austin, TX 78731-1171
Office: (888) 522-7355
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All Web Leads is giving affiliates the ability to specific certain fields when they direct agent signups to our site. This allows these signup sessions to bypass the first three steps of our ordinary signup process.
For reference, the following figures show these first three steps.

Figure 1- Signup Step 1

Figure 2 - Signup Step 2

Figure 3 - Signup Step 3

Affiliates may now pass each of these fields together when directing traffic to our signup page. If all of these fields are specified and are valid, then the first three steps will be skipped entirely, and the fourth step will be displayed first:

Figure 4 - Signup Step 4

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