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This document represents a Quote Form Query String Contact Information specification that All Web Leads, Inc. (referred to hereafter as AWL) makes available to potential Affiliates that are interested in passing contact information in addition to traffic redirects. This specification is intended to be implemented and hosted by AWL Affiliates within their own data center environments.

All Web Leads, Inc. Partner Contact Information

Company Address: Business Contact: Technical Contacts:
All Web Leads, Inc.
7300 FM 2222
Bldg 2, Ste 100
Austin, TX 78730
Office: (888) 522-7355
Affiliate Managers
Operations Team

Technical Requirements

All data should be sent via standard HTTP GET over SSL/TLS (HTTPS).
All values being passed shall be URL Encoded in UTF-8. Especially field values containing spaces and fields such as firstname and lastname.

When using an HTML form to submit these values, the web browser will automatically encode them. Please see usage examples below

Technical Specification

This section describes the URLs for AWL's quote forms and the supported query string parameters available for posting pre-populated information into the forms.

Quote Form URLs

AWL Quote Form links take the following general form:<quote-type>&refID=<ref-id>&refCampaign=<ref-campaign>&kw=<keyword>

The following Insurance-specific Quote Forms are supported:

Insurance/Lead Type URL
Long Term Care<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY
Commercial Auto<ref-id>&refCampaign=XXX&kw=YYY

Supported Parameters

The supported a parameters are a subset of the lead data collected by the AWL quote forms. Not all of the fields on the forms can be pre-populated. Only the main contact information and in some cases the consumer's current insurance information can be pre-populated using these query string parameters.

The following tables list the support query-string parameters that can be passed to AWL's quote form pages. (All field values should be treated as case-sensitive and passed to the web service exactly as listed below.) Some of these field values may contain characters that have a special meaning in URLs. Be careful of spaces, "@" symbols, and other punctuation/special characters. As mentioned previously, URL query string values must be encoded properly.

Quote Form Insurance Type (quoteType) Parameters

quoteType Param Insurance/Lead Type
AUT Auto
HEA Health
LIF Life
HOM Home
LTC Long Term Care
REN Renters
CAU Commercial Auto
BIZ Business
ANN Annuity
DIS Disability

Affiliate Tracking Fields

Query String Parameter Required Description
quoteType Required Identifies the Quote Form to display. See above for supported values.
refID Required Affiliate tracking code, provided by All Web Leads identifying you as an affiliate.
This should not be changed from the refID provided under any circumstances.
refCampaign Optional Internal tracking where you pass source ID.
Max Length: 50 characters (longer values may be truncated).
kw Optional Affiliate tracking, can be used for sub-source identification and reporting.
Max Length: 60 characters (longer values may be truncated).

Contact Information Fields

Field Data Type (size) Required Description
firstname VARCHAR (50) Yes Primary contact first name
lastname VARCHAR (50) Yes Primary contact last name
email VARCHAR (255) Yes Primary contact email address
address VARCHAR (255) Yes Primary contact street address
city VARCHAR (255) No Primary contact city address
If omitted, city will pre-popuate based on provided zipcode value.
statecode CHAR(2) No Primary contact two-character state abbrev
If omitted, statecode will pre-populate based on provided zipcode value.
zipcode VARCHAR(50) Yes Primary contact zip code
phone VARCHAR(10) Yes Primary contact day-time phone number
eveningphone VARCHAR(255) No Primary contact evening phone number
phoneext VARCHAR(10) No Primary contact day-time phone extension
eveningphoneext VARCHAR(10) No Primary contact evening phone extension
fax VARHCAR(10) No Primary contact fax for business leads
faxext VARHCAR(10) No Primacy contact fax extension for business leads

Insurance Coverage Fields

In addition to basic contact information, the following fields related to the consumer's current insurance coverage are also available for our Auto, Health, Home, Life, and Renters quote forms.

Field Data Type (size) Required Description
currentlyinsured INT(1) No Primary contact is current insured
insuranceprovider VARCHAR(255) No Primary contact insurance provider
(May be passed an as integer mapping or string value of insurance provider. See Appendix A for supported values.)
insuredperiod INT(2) No Primary contact insurance coverage period
(May be passed an as integer mapping or string value of time period – see below for more details.)
insuredexpiration DATE() No Primary contact insurance coverage expiration date

Possible Values for insuredperiod are listed in the table below:

Insured Period Numeric Code
Less than 6 months 1
More than 6 months 2
More than 1 year 3
More than 18 months 4
More than 2 years 5
More than 3 years 6
More than 4 years 7
More than 5 years 8
More than 6 years 9
More than 7 years 10
More than 8 years 11
More than 9 years 12
More than 10 years 13

Expected Quote Form Behavior

When proper values are passed via the query string, the appropriate corresponding field items will be populated. If there is any problem with formatting or missing/invalid mappings for fields, the passed information will simply be ignored.


This section is intended to provide guidance for how to use the supposed query string parameters.

Sample Query String Parameters

Query String Parameter Examples

Any combination of the query string parameters may be used (see the descriptions in section 2.2 for more details). Following are two examples:



These parameters are in addition to any parameters that you are already passing to our URL, such as affiliate partner ID (refID), tracking code (refCampaign), and affiliate partner idsubsource/keyword (kw).

Example of fully formed URL

The query string parameters are then appended onto the quote form URL. For example, the follow submits both contact and current insurance information to AWL's health quote form:

Sample Form Submission

As mentioned previously it is possible to use an HTML form to submit these values to AWL's quote forms. The following HTML Form Element will load the same values into AWL's health quote form as the example above.

The values in the HTML code are not URL-encoded. That is because when the form is submitted, the browser encodes these values automatically. If you were to encode these values, they would not work correctly.

Appendix A – Supported Insurance Providers

The following table shows which insurance providers you can pass to our quote forms, and to which quote types they can be applied.

Name Code
Other / My Company Is Not Listed 1
AAA Insurance 2
AIU Insurance 5
Allied 7
Allstate Insurance 10
American Alliance Insurance 11
American Automobile Insurance 12
American Casualty 13
American Deposit Insurance 14
American Direct Business Insurance 15
American Empire Insurance 16
American Family Insurance 17
American Family Mutual 18
American Financial 19
American Home Assurance 20
American Insurance 21
American International Ins 22
American International Pacific 23
American International South 24
American Manufacturers 25
American Mayflower Insurance 26
American Motorists Insurance 27
American National Insurance 28
American Premier Insurance 29
American Protection Insurance 30
American Service Insurance 31
American Skyline Insurance Company 32
American Spirit Insurance 33
American Standard Insurance - OH 34
American Standard Insurance - WI 35
Amica Insurance 36
Associated Indemnity 37
Atlanta Casualty 38
Atlantic Indemnity 39
Blue Cross Blue Shield 40
Cal Farm Insurance 41
California State Automobile Association 42
Chubb 43
Clarendon American Insurance 44
Clarendon National Insurance 45
CNA 46
Colonial Insurance 47
Continental Casualty 48
Continental Divide Insurance 49
Continental Insurance 50
Cotton States Insurance 51
Country Insurance & Financial Services 52
Dairyland County Mutual Co of TX 53
Dairyland Insurance 54
Electric Insurance 56
Erie Insurance 57
Farm Bureau Insurance 61
Farmers Insurance 62
Fire & Casualty Insurance Co of CT 65
Fireman's Fund 66
Geico Casualty 67
Geico General Insurance 68
Geico Indemnity 69
Golden Rule Insurance 70
Government Employees Insurance 71
Great American Insurance 72
Guaranty National Insurance 73
Hanover Lloyd's Insurance Company 74
Hartford Insurance 75
Health Plus of America 82
IFA Auto Insurance 83
IGF Insurance 84
Infinity Insurance 85
Infinity National Insurance 86
Infinity Select Insurance 87
Integon 88
Kaiser Permanente 89
Kemper 90
Kemper Lloyds Insurance 91
Landmark American Insurance 92
Leader National Insurance 93
Leader Preferred Insurance 94
Leader Specialty Insurance 95
Liberty National 96
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance 97
Liberty Mutual Insurance 98
Liberty Northwest Insurance 99
Lumbermens Mutual 100
Mass Mutual 101
Healthmarkets 102
Metropolitan Insurance Co. 103
Mid Century Insurance 104
Mid-Continent Casualty 105
Middlesex Insurance 106
MSI Insurance 107
Mutual of New York 108
Mutual Of Omaha 109
National Ben Franklin Insurance 111
National Casualty 112
National Continental Insurance 113
National Fire Insurance Company of Hartford 114
National Health Insurance 115
National Indemnity 116
National Union Fire Insurance of LA 117
National Union Fire Insurance of PA 118
Nationwide Insurance 119
New York Life Insurance 123
Northwestern Mutual Life 124
Northwestern Pacific Indemnity 125
Omni Indemnity 126
Omni Insurance 127
Orion Insurance 128
Pacific Indemnity 129
Pacific Insurance 130
Pafco General Insurance 131
Patriot General Insurance 132
Peak Property & Casualty Insurance 133
Progressive 134
Progressive Auto Pro 135
Prudential Insurance Co. 136
Reliance Insurance 137
Reliance National Indemnity 138
Reliance National Insurance 139
Republic Indemnity 140
Safeway Insurance 142
Security Insurance Co of Hartford 146
Security National Insurance Co of FL 147
Sentinel Insurance 148
Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company 149
Sentry Insurance Group 150
Shelter Insurance Co. 151
St. Paul 152
St. Paul Fire & Marine 153
St. Paul Insurance 154
Standard Fire Insurance Company 155
State & County Mutual Fire Insurance 156
State Farm Insurance 161
State National Insurance 164
Superior American Insurance 165
Superior Guaranty Insurance 166
Superior Insurance 167
TICO Insurance 168
TIG Countrywide Insurance 169
Travelers Indemnity 170
Travelers Insurance Company 171
Travelers/Primerica Insurance 172
Tri-State Consumer Insurance 173
Twin City Fire Insurance 174
United Pacific Insurance 175
United Security 176
United Services Automobile Association 177
USAA Casualty Insurance 178
USAA General Indemnity 179
USF&G 180
Viking County Mutual Insurance 181
Viking Insurance Co of WI 182
Windsor Insurance 183
Fortis Insurance 184
Unicare 185
Grange Mutual 186
United HealthCare 187
American Republic Insurance 188
United American Insurance 189
Mid-West National Life Ins. 190
Bankers Life and Casualty 191
Humana 192
Aflac 193
Assurant 194
Alfa Insurance 195
Blue Cross 196
Blue Shield 197
Zurich Insurance 198
Esurance 199
Health Net 200
PacifiCare 201
Eastwood Insurance 202
Unitrin Direct 203
Germania Insurance 204
Metlife Insurance 205
Mercury Insurance 206
Time Insurance 207
Response Insurance 208
Monument Life Insurance Co 209
UandIWin 210
Allianz 211
Amerus 212
F&G Life 213
Investors Life 214
Aviva 215
John Hancock 216
The Annexus Group 217
Fort Dearborn Life 218
American Equity 219
American Community 220
Foremost 221
Florida-Insurance 222
Modern Woodmen of America 223
Celtic Insurance 225
LifeWise Health Plan 226
Oxford Health Plans 227
Tufts Health Plan 228
Vista Health Plan 229
Western Southern Financial 230
Monumental Life Insurance 231
Genworth Financial 232
Midland National Life 233
AXA Advisors 234
Auto Club Insurance Company 235
Citizens 236
CSE Insurance Group 237
Insurance Insight 238
Western Mutual 239
Countrywide Insurance 240
Titan 241
American Insurance Organization 242
The Woodlands Financial Group 243
Your Health Insurance Agency 244
Trilogy 245
NAAB 246
Gorilla Term Inc. 247
Answer Financial 248
ING 249
Nacolah 250
Sammons Insurance 251
Senior Healthcare Consultants 252
InSphere 253
US Health 254
Physicians Mutual Ins. 255
AIS 256
Pacific Benefits Group 257
Poliseek 258
Care One 259
La West Insurance 260
Sunset Plaza Ins 261
Security Health Advisors 262
Freedom Health 263
Incorporated Insurance Services 264
Great American Senior Benefits 265
Integrity First Consulting 266
Insurance Care Direct 268
High Point 269
Healthspring 270
Premier Online Insurance Service Center 271
NASE Care 272
Core Value 273
Markel 274
Gartner-Maher 275
State Farm Coop 276
Select Choice Advisors 277
First Financial Insurance Group 278
State Farm Unlimited 279
Real Time Health Quotes 280
21st Century Insurance 281
Atlantis Health Plan 282
Alliance and Associates 283
Arrowpoint 284
State Farm Corporate 285
Healthcare Solutions Team 286
Health Choice One 287
United Health Alliance 288
Elephant Insurance 289
Coverdell Shared 290
PJP Agency 291
USA Benefits 292
Matrix Direct 293
eHealthInsurance 294
eFinancial 295
Anthem 296
High Point Insurance 297
Health Lead System 298
Sentinel Casualty 299
Adurakane Insurance 300
Daman Associates 301
SelectQuote 302
Design Benefit Plans 303
Pacific Crest Services 304
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