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The AutoPay system is one of the services All Web Leads provides to its affiliates to give them a quick, efficient way to get paid for their lead generation and be informed of their quality. A quick description is available below.

The AutoPay system will deliver to you a detailed statement each month around the 11th to the 13th.

  • The report will contain your payment and lead volume for the month as well as a monthly scrubbed leads list (consisting of Duplicate/Bogus and Verified Returned Leads).
  • This report will be sent to the email address(es) in your Accounting Email address field under MyAccount>Edit Account Info in the online interface.

Please create and update your Accounting Email Address as soon as possible so your statements are sent to the correct people. Multiple email addresses can be separated by a comma and no spaces. E.G., Note that if you have multiple individual accounts in our system then the AutoPay statement is tied to the "Combined Billing" or "Master" Account, so be sure to update the Accounting Email address with that account.

No action is required of you to receive payment after the statement is sent. If you have questions or disputes, please direct them to If we do not receive a dispute notice within 5 days, the statement will be approved and payment should follow shortly thereafter (within our net-30 terms, of course).

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